About Me

We are the Rich Family. Kodee and I met back in October of 2004 and in December of 2004 we were engaged. April 16, 2005 we were married in the Bountiful Temple. Then in June of 2005 we found out we were expecting a little baby. On February 24 2006 Kolton joined our family. He is an adorable little boy with lots of energy and makes us laugh everyday. On October 27 2009 a little girl joined our family. Her name is Tymberlee Rae. She is a beautiful little girl and Kodee and I are very blessed to have the two children that we do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Vacation Details

Before I start in on the trip here is the latest baby update. Only 6 weeks left, baby is doing great. I am in quite a bit of pain from my surgery in June. The scare tissue isn't healed properly from me growing so it is very sore and tender. But only a little bit longer and then Tymberlee Rae will be joining us!!
I have placed a slide show of our trip at the top to show what a great time we had.
Our trip started off on Tuesday morning about 9:00. We arrived in Washington at about 8:30 Pacific Time which is an hour behind us. What a long drive, Kolton did surprisingly well though. It was funny to listen to some of the things he would say regarding the drive. For instance, we told him that we would be driving through Idaho,then to Oregon and finally Washington. So when we entered Oregon we cheered and made a big deal about it to try to help him cope with the drive. He then asked," Where is the door to get out?" Then after being in Oregon for like 7 hours he said," I am tired of being in Oregon." It was so exciting to see the family.
Wednesday we woke up and decided to hike to a waterfall called Punch Bowl Falls. It was absolutely beautiful! It was about 4 1/2 miles, which kind of sucked given my current situation. But hey I didn't go into labor which is good. Kolton was such a little trooper. He did the whole thing by himself.
Thursday we were looking on line for something to do and Kodee found these lunch river cruises. We decided that it wasn't too expensive so we went. It was so nice and relaxing. We were on the river for about 2 hours, and had lunch and went up to the top deck to take in the views. Oregon is absolutely beautiful.
Friday was the day to go to the Oregon Coast. I always have to get a trip to the beach in. We drove up to Astoria and then down the coast a bit to Cannon Beach. Famous for Haystack Rock. It is so beautiful there. Kolton loved walking in the sand and getting close to the water and then running back before the tide came in too close. Friday for dinner we went to a place called Salty's along the Columbia River. Kodee loves crab legs, I don't, but you have to take in the atmosphere. My uncle carried Kolton down some rocks to play on the Columbia River shore. It was a very nice night.
Saturday was the big day! Kodee and I drove 3 hours to get to the UTES game. Yipee! It was raining the whole time, and as you probably know, the Utes lost. Bummer. But it was something that we probably won't be able to do again, so I made the best of it. That night after we got home my cousins and aunt and I decided to go into downtown Portland to a place called Vodoo Doughnuts. Yes the name of it alone should have scared us off, but I have heard the doughnuts are amazing. They were okay, but the people outside of it and along the streets were super scary. I will never go into downtown Portland at night ever again.
Sunday we got up and headed out at about 8:00. We arrived home at about 9:00. Kolton did awesome on the way home. He slept most of the way. We were glad to make it home safely and without any problems on the trip. Thanks so much to our family in the Great North West for letting us stay with them, and for letting us drag them to all the places we wanted to go.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Off we Go!

Well, we are headed up to Washington State on Tuesday to visit some family and go to the Utes game. Wish us luck. There is nothing better than driving 12 hours with a 3 year old, and being 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Sweet!

After a long day playing and having fun what a way to crash for the night. Sometimes we do so much and get so exhausted that I think we forget how sweet little kids are. But after peeking in at night to make sure all is well and seeing this you can't help but step back and realize how blessed you truly are to have so much joy in your life. Kolton is such a sweet little boy, and I am so excited to see him interact with his little sister. He is already so sweet to her, always wanting to give my belly a hug, and wanting to sing to her. I just can't even express how much I love this little boy!